A Free Health Checkup Camp with Routine Blood Investigation

Location:        Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, Kalikapur village, Sonarpur, West                        Bengal

Date:              15th February 2009                                    

As a part of the community service provided by SIEWF, a free Health Checkup Camp was conducted at Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park, Kalikapur village on 15th of February 2009 in collaboration with the local Panchayat officials. It was attended by 15 renowned medical professionals and 40 Medical student members along with SIEWF officials. 93 patients of different age groups were examined and treated along with routine blood investigation like TC, DC, Hb, ESR, Urea, Creatinine, Cholesterol & Lipid Profile.
There was a separate counter for instant Blood Sugar check up. The blood investigation report was sent to the patient through the panchayat office with proper advices.It was a big success which provided some medical aid to the underprivileged people, specially elderly people of Kalikapur who attended the most.