About SIEWF:

Established in 2007, Saraswati International Education and Welfare Foundation is a platform for exchange of ideas, academic information and resources between colleges, students and professionals.

It’s members are:

Dr.P.S.Ganguli (Phd)- A technocrat with over 20 years experience in education and management, Dr. Ganguli is the President of the foundation.

Vanita Ganguli (M.A.) - She is the Treasurer of the trust and has 12 years of experience in Industry and is an academician.

Apart from directly interfacing with colleges and students, the foundation provides crucial information about the education and social sectors through its website. It conducts programs of topical interest in the fields of management and medicine.

SIEWF has been providing end-to-end support to over 1200 students studying abroad and has among its partners universities, both foreign and domestic, professionals, academicians and students.

It runs and operates an online testing program on www.mediconline.in which helps medical students to prepare for licensing exams of various countries. SIEWF will continue with the task of providing academic guidance and support to all the students who seek its membership.

Saraswati Online.com, the parent company, has itself admitted many hundreds of students to various academic courses in India as well as abroad, particularly in China and now in the Philippines, Ukraine and Georgia. Stepping forward from the act of merely facilitating admissions, this trust will in future, provide a platform for free flow of ideas, systems & practices, conducting exams & providing certification where required while initiating and establishing inter university cooperation thereby benefiting the students and thereby creating a large alumni network which will take its work to new levels.


Establishment of an educated and empowered world through knowledge-sharing.


To initiate and establish education exchange programs among all the countries of the world and foster friendship and peace by cross-pollinating young minds. At the same time, it strives to enhance academic and non-academic support to Indian students, studying abroad and foreign students studying in India.


  1.  To foster friendship between countries all across the globe through exchange of education, welfare activities and to promote research and development in the field of education at all levels across the globe, either directly or indirectly.
  2.  To encourage, support and conduct programs dealing with education, research, social development and allied areas and in the process establish, maintain run, improve, and assist in the establishment, maintenance, development, improvement and extension of educational centers, schools, colleges, workshops, seminars, conferences and lectures in Engineering, Skills, Medicine, Teaching, Law and all other fields of education.
  3.  To create, maintain, run, improve and assist in establishing Health Care Units, Medical Education Institutes, Research Institutes, Research Programs and Clinical Research Program.