China is the largest country in the Asian subcontinent . Bordered by Russia in the north , Nepal & India in the South ,Afghanistan & Pakistan in the West & Bhutan, Myanmar, Vietnam in the East it is considered not so much another country but another world. It’s ancient history dates back as one of the oldest civilizations , & China is credited with being the source for some of the worlds greatest inventions among which are silk , gun powder , paper etc.

  •  Population : Most populous in the world. Approx 1.2 billion
  •  Currency : Ren Min Bi or peoples money also called the Yuan.
  •  Language : One official language Mandarin but hundreds of dialects are spoken in the various provinces.
  •  Climate : Extremely diverse ranging from tropical in the south to the sub arctic in the north.
  •  Economy : China’s economy has boomed since 1998 due to sweeping economic reforms. One of the largest manufacturers & consumers in the world. It’s economy is growing at an astounding 11% per year.