Participant:Student members of SIEWF and Kalikapur No.1 Gram Panchayat.

Location:Kalikapur village, Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal

Date:19th to 23rd August, 2008 (5 days)

How it worked:

2.They enquired about the source of drinking water and aware thepeople of diseases caused by water borne germs and how to have pure water at house-hold level without spending much money.

3.The students also fill-up Health Report forms of each family which will help in future to understand the health status of each family.

4.Approx 500 families of the village have been visited by SIEWF students and approx 1500 short write-up of the danger of drinking impure water and how to have safe drinking water have been distributed in that area


The Program was concluded by a seminar on 24th August,2008 at Panchayat building of Kalikapur No 1 Gram Panchayat at 3 pm.

Students who participated in the awareness program, some of the parent members of SIEWF, doctor parents, Panchayat members, some eminent people of that area like Mr. Shymal Mondal, Member of Zilla Parishad,Mrs. R. Naskar, Pradhan, Mr. Madhab Mondal, Upapradhan, Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty, Chairman of Land Committee, Mr. U. ChakrabortyMr. J. Sanyal, Dr.S. Saha, Mr. A. Banerjee,all are convenor of SIEWFAnd Dr.A.K.Bose, the Secretary of SIEWF and Dr. KrishnadasBhattacharjee, Associate Professor of Community Medicine Dept of Calcutta National Medical College have participated in the seminar.

Mr. Madhab Mondal started the seminar emphasizing on the importance of drinking pure water and mentioned how vital is the role of the Panchayat.

Mr. Shymal Mondal spoke on the programs on water purification of the Government and also aware the people that the area is prone to arsenic poisoning

.Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty appreciated the effort of SIEWF to conduct such program and selected the poor people of his area.He also expressed his gratitude toDr. P.S.Ganguli,the President of SIEWF and the CEO of SOLCIL to take active role in the development of the area by doing the Jyotirmoy Knowledge Park.

Mr. U. Chakraborty, Mr. Sanyal, Mr. Banerjee, Dr. Hajra, Dr.Saha, and Dr. Samanta spoke on the necessity of drinking safe water and emphasized on the importance of medicos to take active part on such community health program and to consider this as their responsibility.

Mrs. R. Naskar expressed their gratitude to the participant and confirmed active support from the panchayat in future for any such program.

Dr.Krishnadas Bhattacharjee, the Chief Guest spoke on the habit and ignorance of common people, what harms are caused by drinking impure water, how easily we can have pure water at our house and emphasized more on the role of panchayat to earn the objective of the program.

Dr.A.K.Bose concluded the seminar mentioning that one of the objective of the program is to introduce and interact between medicos of SIEWF and the people of Kalikapur.He also wished to play an effective role by SIEWF in health care service for the people of Kalikapur and neighbors.

The seminar took 2 hrs and the people who attended it praised about the preventive importance, intention, necessity and highly informative speech of the speakers.