Dali University Medical College

Dali University Medical College, www.dali.edu.cn, is a multi disciplinary comprehensive university run by the Yunnan provincial government. It has 3 campuses; South Renmin Road Campus, Hehua campus anf The Ancient Town Campus, all located within the city of Dali covering a total area of 3,00,000 sq.mt. The beautiful and serene environs provide an ideal sowing ground for the pursuit of academic excellence. Besides, the scenery of Dali is considered to be second to none in China. n the last 2 years, wide ranging communication and cooperation have been made between the university and those of America, Australia & South East Asian countries. There are more than 240 students from foreign countries in Dali. The year 2005 heralds a new age in Sino Indian relations as a special MBBS program has been instituted keeping SAARC member countries in mind. The curriculum will follow the pattern of the MCI and take full advantage of the immense infrastructure provided by the college.