Dalian Medical University

Dalian is an international and modernized city in the north of China. It is located in the south of the Liaodong Peninsula. Facing the sea, it is beautiful with mild climate, and rich in natural resources. It is a pearl of the North China. Dalian Medical University (Dlmedu) is located near the beautiful Xinghai Park, facing the sea and backed by mountains. The university was founded in 1947. Historically, it had been called Guandong Medical College, Medical College of Dalian University, and Dalian Medical College, It was granted by the State Education Committee to take the name of Dlmedu in January, 1994. Dlmedu is developed into multidisciplinary, multi-level medical comprehensive university today. It is one of the key universities of Liaoning Province.

The university occupies an area of 338,800 square meters with construction area amounting to 269,300 square meters. The total of fixed assets is 680,000,000 yuan(RMB). The total staff number has reached to about 4,000, among them 269 are professors, 255 are associate professors. The total number of student has reached nearly 10,000, among them ca.1300 are graduate. ca.4, 000 are undergraduates.The students of Adult Education


College, about 3,000 and the students of the Nurse School are about 500,foreign students are around 800. Dlmedu offers training programs in 13 specialties. 4 departments approved by the State Council are entitled to give doctorate and 29 departments entitled to give mastership. Dlmedu has a well-functioned administrative system of management in teaching. It has 12 colleges, 4 teaching Dept., 3 divisions, and 33 off-campus-teaching bases for internship, in addition, attached to the university is the Nurse School and Vocational High School.

Dlmedu has affiliated hospitals; the total bed member is more than 3000. Each hospital has its own features. The First Teaching Hospital is the biggest comprehensive one and is the Emergency Center in South Liaoning Province. The Second Teaching Hospital was among the first group approved by the International Exchange Centre of the Ministry of Health to be one of International Network Emergency Hospital.

  There are 22 research institutes in Dlmedu .We have strong research groups. Some of them are renowned both at home and abroad. We have been keeping good balance between basic and applied research. Dlmedu is making commitments to establish a modern high-tech industry mingling learning, research, manufacturing and trading together.

With the development of Dlmedu, the international academic communication between Dlmedu and other countries has been increasing these years. The university has set up the liaisons with 38 sister universities from different countries and regions, including the United States, Japan, Britain etc. Dlmedu has also set up 4 cooperation institutes with the United States, Germany, Japan etc. A modern life and science university of an internationalized city is rising vigorously.