Medical Enhancement Program


India has a population of 1.15 billion which is growing every year. Of this only 6.68 lacs doctors were registered with different state councils as of 2006. That gives us a huge demand supply mismatch with only 1 doctor for every 2000 people. The health sector is largely understaffed and there is a crying need for more health practitioners.

Saraswati International Education & Welfare Foundation (SIEWF) has been supportring and providing academic resources to over 1300 Indian students studying in various universities in China as well as Philippines. The students have had access to state of the art teaching learning & clinical facilities and are all set to join the health care sector of India.

Although it is not an easy task for the foreign medical graduates( FMG ) of India to pass the MCI Screening Test on the first attempt yet it is very important for them to do it as early as possible to save time , money and heartbreak for the student as well as his entire family .

The experience of SIEWF in conducting & supporting medical programs in foreign universities over the last 6 years has been invaluable in the creation of a program which will enable the students to face the exams with equanimity and pass it with flying colours.

Why Medical Enhancement Program (MEP) ?

The course has been designed keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of foreign medical programs which are essentially geared towards the medical requirements of that country. Hence tailoring the course in order to satisfy the requirements of Indian licensing exams requires indepth analysis of the lacunae in foreign programs in the Indian context and fulfilling them.


SIEWF is the first to introduce a Residential Environment in a tranquil , green 20+ acre campus away from the distractions , noise and pollution of the city.

More than 1000+ teaching hours of study, more than that provided by any other similar course , where the objective is to ensure that the student passes in the first attempt.A four tier hierarchy of teachers from junior teachers right till senior teachers of post graduate level to help students tackle the MCQ�s.

In house Faculties where teachers are available for 24 hours in dormitory and college so that students have easy access to them and can get their doubts clarified and get guidance throughout the day. Teachers will also ensure monitoring and assessment of self-study by the students.

Clinical Touch:Important clinical topics will be taught in campus with live cases so that students will have satisfaction of enhancing clinical skills and understanding the theory.

Library:Both conventional and e- library will be available in the campus.

Dormitory :We do believe that facilities for comfortable stay is one of the main requirements for students to put in their best and to that extent, comfortable & hygienic living accommodations have been provided.

Care will be taken to ensure that all students get personal attention and there is no overcrowding in the classroom.

S I E W F has a strong track record of providing academic support in 9 universities of China. It has sent and supports over 45 lecturers , Assistant professors , Professors & Tutors in various parts of China.

  • 1.It has already conducted MCQ Coaching classes in Luzhou Medical College for the First Batch of Students.
  • 2.It also supports the students through it�s online MCI screening test coaching site which has over 40,000 questions in it�s question bank and which is visited by students not only from China but also from countries like the US , Trinidad , Fiji etc.
  • 3.It has conducted special clinical classes in Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad as well as Ramakrishna Mission Seva Pratishthan Hospital , Kolkata for the students in medical courses abroad.
  • 4.It has provided scholarships and financial rewards for meritorious students in all the colleges affiliated with it and continues to support and augment medical programs with which it is involved.

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